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Suco PPD05

We are pleased to announce that the development and adaptation of the SUCO programming device PPD05 with the current version is now officially completed. After successful certification of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) according to directive 2014/30/EU it has received the CE-marking and can therefore be officially offered to our customers.

With the help of the PPD05 the pressure switches of the Performance series can be programmed:

  • Switching point adjustment of the electronic pressure switches of the Performance series
  • The adjustment is made exclusively with the PPD in connection with the programming software on a laptop/PC, no measuring station and no pressure reference is required for setting the switches 0500/0501.
  • Setting the hysteresis or pressure corridor monitoring (Window function)
  • A switching delay of 0 to 2 seconds can be programmed

On the one hand, the PPD05 is suitable as an adjustment tool for our sales partners in order to realize individual customer requirements quickly, on the other hand our customers can program electronic pressure switches themselves using the PPD.